KFC Hustle

Whats wrong this week man….first it was a FB blunder by JKMM on Thaipusam…now its a “KUNG FU HUSTLE” style brawl between KFC  staff and customers !?


These incidents are really unfortunate and i hope we malaysians, especially those that are in the service industry needs to learn the mantra of ” Customer is always right”



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  1. sayaorangcinabodoh

    Chinese must restrain themselves from making racist profanity when in tense situation. They have habit of profanities since schooldays……no people will take racist profanities lightly…….

  2. i cant make out the exact argument in the video nor do i know the circumstances leading to the incident. i would like our police and KFC to do that instead.

  3. customers always right? come on man.what if the customer is a dumbass? rude? i was there at the kfc. the customer starts first. he had to wait about 30 minutes for the fried chicken. the cashier kept on saying ‘ramai org cik,tolong tggu’. what else can the cashier did? its true there were many customers on that day. he had no chance but to wait. and u know what that customer said? melayu cibai. so who’s right here? who’s making racicst statement first? ‘ramai org cik,tolong tggu’ is it racicst? why does the customer had to say melayu cibai? who’s the rude guy here? who started first? customer always right? stupidest thing i’ve heard. and when i watch the news. the customer change the stories,totally everything he was lying.hahhaa so pro. i was.i know what i saw. u guys are good at making stories. no common sense,many people cant wait.then say melayu cibai. I WAS THERE

  4. my name is raajeswary tarmalingam today i went to kfc masjid jamek at kl,my order take is
    miss.shafiqah.the complaint is i and my friend order set E,she wrongly key in taT SET D
    than my friend repeat again the order she say in bahasa tat (bengang aku) than no any smilling on her face….

  5. ” Customer is always right”
    do u always see things in narrow perspective?
    cant u see the “real” meaning behind ” Customer is always right”?
    its not as ur narrow mind think it is, most people are too shallow to see
    the truth, ” Customer is always right”, please think the true meaning behind
    those words.

  6. August 13,1.43am.
    KFC kubang kerian staff like a bitch!
    Request paper plate but KFC staff dont want give because that is a rule(Cant give extra paper plate).Before this i go to any KFC in Malaysia their staff give paper plate when i request.
    Kubang kerian KFC a bitch!
    Counter staff name : Azliyah
    Fuck KFC!

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