I got ripped off @ Amazon.com

yeah you read me right. i never thought it would happen myself but i got ripped off, BIG TIME when i ordered at amazon.com

It all started with this – 

I couldnt find this buzz lightyear anywhere in malaysia , so i decided to search for it on amazon and voila! i found it 

Then i double checked the product description : yup…it all checks out. 


So i ordered two units, paid an extra USD 90 to have it shipped (because amazon dont ship to Malaysia) and when i received the unit today…i was totally puzzled…

1) The packaging is different 

This is the packaging shown on amazon :

And this was the actual product i got 

I told myself, maybe the packaging is different ? i opened it up and then i realised that the certificate is also missing . Then it all went downhill from here….the toy didnt perform anything at all that the product description stated on amazon. ( no talking mode, no talkback mode and also no level sensor). 


Worst thing of , i paid USD$ 44 for this item and guess what was listed on the box  ? it was only USD$24.50 STREET PRICE in USA!!! WTF!!


I am now in the midst of sorting this out with amazon. one thing is for sure, i wont be shipping this item back to USA as it will cost me a bomb! Granted, this item was sold by amazon’s reseller thenewmall (after my complain, they change their name to STL PRO INC.


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  1. found ur post when i was googling for amazon malaysia..
    hope u at least can partially refund..
    good luck

  2. Thank you lingling for your comment. im now awaiting for the reseller to process the partial refund.

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