Intercontinental Hotel

Every once in a blue moon, i will check my junk email folder and see what type of email ends up in never never land. Surprise, surprise – one of it was from Intercontinental Hotel! Now, some of you may not know who or where this hotel is : remember NIKKO HOTEL ? Yes, the Nikko Hotel group sold off their business to Intercontinental.

So here is the email in question:

I do have 1 beef with this email : there is NO CALL TO ACTION ( CTA) seperately linked for users. Clicking on the email only leads you to the corporate website, where you will have to SEARCH for the VIP card ( an additional few clicks and time wasted) .

I was also trying to figure out why it ended up on my JUNK folder. It could be due to

1) The email recepient list is too long

2) Now i may be wrong on this one but it could also be due to the ! (circled in the picture below) in the header and footer in the email.Now any marketer should really always check for any typo or mistakes such as this before sending it out to public




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