Arch Enemy Khaos Legion Tour Malaysia Concert Review

A little known band from Sweden called Arch Enemy stopped by at Malaysia last week and here is the review of the concert :

The venue

Chin Woo Stadium, whether you realised it or not, is a GREAT PLACE for concerts – the closed oval shaped dome of the venue creates an interesting sound experiences, depending on where you are in the stadium! BTW – The pic below is when the doors just opened. the place was filled when the show finally started!

moments before the show

The MCs

Both of these chaps manage to control the crowd well in between the sets – if only they did a screaming/air guitar competition when they were trying to kill time …

Opening ACTS  – Daarchlea/wynken delirium/silkahnnaz

Our local boys really did a good job to pump up the audience before the main show. i am no less impressed by their set and playlist –

And then…it was KHAOS

Right after sil khaannaz finished, the lights dimmed and KHAOS OVERTURE intro was played…. and then…a flash of light!

KABOOM! Michael Amott ATTACKED the stage and everyone went berserk! Pure energy and madness in the air and i remember myself getting bumped into the moshpit and it was GREAT!


The playlist was predictable but hell, we got one drum solo, two guitar solos thrown in at this concert and it was a blast. Angela really knew how to worked the crowd into a frenzy with her stage presence.  Throughout the night, either i was too buzzed by seeing arch enemy LIVE as  i couldn’t spot any mistakes or errors. The whole set was really TIGHT and delivered with technical precision – i am just so damn impressed.

Interesting facts/Observation/Comments 

A – This concert was well organized. everything went smoothly and there were not glitches or delays. Compared to the KREATOR concert few years back when the show started almost 2 hours late……

B – I supposed due to time constraints, Arch Enemy didnt have much time to mingle with the fans – the show ended around 11pm++

C – I really wished there were booze to be bought at the concert…..

D – Why aren’t there anyone selling Arch Enemy CD’s at the concert!?

E-The concert venue didn’t allowed smoking in the hall . Everyone was forced to dump their ciggies at the entrance during the mandatory security check. This, is good because

1) It shows that some venues do enforce the no smoking rule in closed air conditioned venues

2) the level of security also gave me and other concert goers some comfort level.

F – There were a lot of Metal ladies/gals in the concert!

G -One couple actually brought their 4 yr old son to the concert too….!

H- The Lighting engineer of Arch Enemy is the bassist of SAMAEL ! WTF!

I – The organizers should have closed off the right and left wing seating. I can never understand concerts where people are seated down, especially for metal concerts!

All in all , a very well planned and great metal concert. Thanks to the organizers for bringing in Arch Enemy to Malaysia. Definitely will attend more concerts!

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