Complain Kings & Queens ?

There was this recent article from Strait Times (Singapore) that tried to correlate online social media with rise in complains on customer service.

Interest piece indeed. Click here for full story


If you ask me, companies should learn to harvest and use these customer service feedback or complains and use it not only as a yardstick to improve themselves but also to quantify the data to as a online customer survey learnings. How ? well, here are some simple steps

1)  Listen and monitor the digital chatter regarding your company, brand and products online – if you are on a shoestring budget, use search but i recommend engaging an agency to do this for you

2) quantify/segregate the data into specific category – brand, products, services and of course, your competitors

3) Define the KPIs and get agreement from all stakeholders ( senior management, product managers and marketing ) before using or sharing the data

4) review and discuss key changes and complains from customers

5) repeat


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  1. Thanks for the article. Do you have stats for Malaysians?

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