Courtesy Cars

You know…i never really bothered about loaner/courtesy cars that service centres hands out when you have to leave your car for days in the workshop. Unfortunately, i had to experience it first hand myself when my baby ( my nissan sentra) had to go engine overhaul


so i requested from tan chong (nissan) for a loaner/courtesy car and guess what i got…..


I was kinda surprised that they gave me the renault kangoo – not that this is a bad car but at the back of my mind, i was thinking, if a VIP leaves his Nissan Teana or Elgrand and they got this….would they complain ?

anyways, the courtesy car was extremely hard to drive – it was literally a big transition for me

-The driving experience : feels like im driving a bus – every time i lift my foot of the accelerator, the damn car jerks and the gearbox downshifts itselfs IMMEDIATELY.

– Petrol consumption – FREAKING EXPENSIVE! I pumped RM50 for 3 days drive less than 200km…..

Oh yeah, did i also mentioned that when they handed the Renault Kangoo to me, the car was already showing EMPTY on the petrol gauge


– i literally had the worst panic attack driving an unknown car into heavy traffic at 5.30pm into KOTA DAMANSARA. Not the best experience for customer i would . At least when i returned the car to Tan Chong, i had the “courtesy” ( yes, pun intended) to leave some petrol in the damn car for the next fellow.

Dear Nissan /Tan Chong,

May i suggest that you give out at least a proper B/C class courtesy cars to your customers and not gas guzzlers VANs ?


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  1. Nissan Almera Owner

    Dear Tan Chong,

    I’m the owner of Nissan Almera. During the Hari Raya Haji, my car had problem on A/C Fan and send to service center for check. Unfortunately, they told me need to wait until end of Oct’14 (More than 3 weeks) to have the replacement. I feel upset why is happen to my less one year car and NO spare parts at all in whole KL & Selangor service center. Now my wife is driving this car to work every day (no choice due the only car).
    She is worry every time drive the car due to any time the A/C Fan is not working….
    Every time I’m look at my Nissan Almera car will feel angry and no confident on Nissan….
    I’m also don’t know when will give up and sale the car…..

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