Thieves now target….car batteries?!

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so yesterday i went to danau permai (taman desa) to meet my friend around 10.30pm. Since i was lazy to enter the condo and look for visitor car park, i chose to park outside at the mainroad .

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Surprisingly, as soon as i parked and walk away from my car, a lady came and talk to me . Below is the conversation that ensued

Lady : Mister, are you parking your car here ?

Me : Yes, is there a problem ?

Lady : Yes! you better be careful ! my car’s battery just got stolen ! i have just parked for 3 hours and its gone!

Me : WHAT!? (In shock) –  since you park quite close to the guard house, did they see or report anything to the police ?

Lady : I asked them but they didnt spot anything. They say car battery theft is a common thing here! so i advise you to park your car elsewhere!

Me : Ok, thanks for the tip.

I kinda pitied the lady – she had to practially wait in the dark for her son to come with a brand new car battery . i also cant really blame the guards at the danau impian condo – obviously they are getting a low wage already to take care of their turf, anything that happens OUTSIDE the condo is none of their business.

So my dear readers, please be careful where you park your car!



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