Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pictures!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Almost everyone i know had one and those that didnt, quickly sold off their iphones and blackberries to it!

I also know that a lot of you are still holding on to your old phone, waiting for the super great NOTE 3 – well, behold…here are some leaked pics of the new samsung galaxy note 3!



Yeah…maybe not but here is the expected specs of the samsung galaxy note 3

1) 5.99 inch screen (duh…why not just called it 6″)

2) eye tracking and hand gestures control ( such as that in the samsung galaxy s4)

3) 3gb system ram

4) octo core CPU

5) and most importantly….a FULL HD SCREEN…..

6) also a higher pixel camera (12mp or 13mp). to be frank, samsung galaxy note 2 camera is pretty decent and fast…i wonder how the samsung galaxy note 3 is gonna trump it

What do you think ? if you are a samsung galaxy note 2 user, are you planning to upgrade? which telco will you buy it from ?



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