KKBOX is one of the new online streaming music service in Malaysia , competing against others such as Spotify, Digi MusicPlay, Maxis Music Unlimited ONEMusic and so many others.  To be frank, i only heard about KKBOX at the last PC FAIR when i was handed a free trial card and since then…im a convert!


KKBOX have one of the best collections of Asian songs ( Japan, Korea, TW and HK) to date and even obscure groups such as THE DEFILED (yeah really). i still remember i was streaming Metallica songs heavily from KKBOX mobile app when they were here for their concert ( which i didnt go bcos i cant afford the ticks)

Also, KKBOX mobile have a pretty intuitive UI and i usually just use one hand to pick songs BUT i think the one killer feature that most of you would love is the rolling lyrics for those lonely nights sing a long. *ehm ehm*


Now,  being a big JPOP fan, i really appreciate the music style finder – i manage to discover a few cool japanese R&B artists such as  Che’nelle (her new album Aishiteru is really good. a must listen to album this year for pop/r&b fans)


OH yeah, not forgetting, if you love to listen to the mainstream US/UK songs…they are also readily available on KKBOX, so you really are getting a very complete music streaming service if you want all your bases covered.


Interestingly, while crafting this posting, i also received this press release this morning from effective measures , here is a snippet (BELOW) and here is the link   . Now , i definitely believe its just a matter of time when more Malaysians will actually pay for great quality music service where you get a huge collections of songs at your disposal. I suppose, maybe the turning point will be when our telcos offer cheaper data (or FREE unlimited) .

Now, KKBOX offers a free trial and you can try them out for yourselves HERE or visit their homepage HERE


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