Anton Casey

So early into 2014 and we already have a few interesting internet stories rushing to join the “Dumbest things i did on the internet in 2014 list” . High on the list of course , is mr Anton Casey.

Of course, most of you would have heard how he was lamenting the public transport and those that use them on Facebook, which not long after gone viral and he had to publicly apologize. It was interesting that he also engaged a PR and LAWYERS to help pull down all those postings that got him into the mess.

FULL story and link here to (singaporehallofshame website)



Interesting twist indeed. If one was sincere in apologizing, why engage PR/LAWYERS to do something else? Anyways, the big news today is mr Anton Casey was fired by his employers, making this the 1st ever “getting fired over a doo doo remark on social media” in south east asia . Let me know if i am right on this one

Full Story here

So let’s remind ourselves, whatever we post on a social or professional network can get you fired. So if you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up.






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