Ultraman defeated

By now, most of you would have probably read the shocking ( and confusing ) news….. An ultraman comic book was banned by the Malaysian Home Ministry or Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) . No ? then read the story from thestar here  or view  the video below

So what is all the hoopla all about anyways you ask ? well, here is a screenshot of the alleged offence from the comic book itself


Yes, it was because it contained the word “Allah”, which is subject to an ongoing court case in Malaysia at the moment. But when i first saw the picture above, the grammar did seemed to be a bit…robotic….

lo and behold…someone tested a direct translation from the actual japanese copy in google translator and here is the result


So…looks like the translation was done using Google translator.

Hmn…i wonder if this is how ultraman feels….



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