Sony Xperia Z1 Incipio Dual Pro case review

I am not a clumsy person but when you are carrying a big device such as the 5″ Sony Xperia Z1, you may want to have some protection against any potential drops.

Currently, i am using a Nillkin HARD skin case – i love the textured back but somehow, i just dont think this  will protect my phone from any mishaps



so here goes my mini review of the Incipio Dual Pro case for the Sony Xperia Z1

When i first got the package, i am quite surprised by the packaging. minimalistic and simple.





The case opens rather easily also….i choose not to rip apart the casing by opening through the front ( proper way to open the case is to tear it open via the back panel which is a filmsy papeboard


What do you get ? 1 soft inner shell casing to protect and absorb the shocks and 1 hard outer case




Installing   putting on the case was relatively easy. first slip on the soft shell …


and then onto the hard shell


Now. one thing to note is that the incipio case completely seals off the sd card slot.


Whats my verdict for the case ? well…. i really like the texture of the back cover, called Rigid Plextonium™ shell by Incipio (soft but not the sticky plastic type of feeling) but i kinda feel that the bottom of the phone is kinda exposed, only protected by the soft shell and not the hard shell. One other advantage of the case is that the buttons ( power, volume) is much easier to distinguish and press with the incipio case on.

So, if you love your gadgets and you want them to live through accidental drops and tumble, i think you should definitely get it!

Link to the product page here : 

Check out the youtube video review below



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  1. super explanation……….nice review about sony xperia z1…..I like your mobile handing its cool to put cover and rotate…..#wordpress

  2. Don’t really like the incipio case because it makes one of the biggest mistakes for z1 phones by covering up the magnetic charging port which most people use frequently … Furthermore, past experience with Incipio is that the so called rubbery material wears off over time (even by bumping the case on hard surface) and it will scrape off …

    • Yes, I agree with you that covering up the magnetic port was regrettable but so far this is the only case that I could find that can protect the z1 from drops and hard Knocks. So far, still too early to tell if the smooth rubbery surface will wear off but I will update this again in 6 months time

  3. beside UAG cases..i like my incipio and otterbox cases..It protects all sides of my smartphone and the most important part it absorb the impact if my phone drops etc…got my cases cheap from here

  4. hei,can u plis help me to get one of this?

    • Hey Jay
      sorry for the late reply. I got mine imported from canada and i can tell you its damn hard to get one in KL. if you dont mind, i can sell you my unit cheap bcos im planning to change phone soon.

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