If you have heard about the heartbleed bug BUT didnt read or understand what’s it about , here is what you need to know

It’s a bug/loophole that hackers can use to steal your password/id/pin everytime you log into any website. yes, ANY WEBSITE.  This also means that someone can potentially steal your banking login id/ password if they bug is not patched on their website.

Full article here from Wired Magazine

Now, with such an dangerous risk on losing your data/login details, you would expect that some brands would come out to reassure their customers that they have fixed the flaw and its safe to do business or transact on their website, especially when it comes to banking.

In Malaysia, so far only Standard Chartered have put up any form of communication/statement regarding this :




Kudos to Standard Chartered for being on top internet security.

If you are using chrome browser and you want to automatically detect which website is exposed to the heartbleed bug, go install this widget


Click here to install from google store 


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