Rise of the Rentership Economy

small for rent

I first read of the rise of the  Rentership economy and how it will take over the world first in WIRED Magazine in 2010 (click to read). Then, i just brushed it off as an idea far too advance/ahead of its time. But today, if you ask me if Rentership had really taken off, the answer will be a resounding YES! The rapid advancement of mobile technology and the increasing pressure to make ends meet, there is an explosion of the types of services and goods that you can rent today.

Just Look Around you! Even in Malaysia,  people are listening to music on Spotify ( Renting Music) , booking a cab/limo on Mytaxi/Uber (Renting Transport) , checking into a strangers room overseas on AirBNB/iBilik (Renting rooms)  and watching a few videos on Tonton (renting videos) .


Still not convinced ?

Well, at least in America, the thrust into a rentership economy have truly gone into overdrive where you can even rent someone’s elses car, tools, boats and even a dinner at their homes. Check out the full article from the recent Wired article here

In fact, the popular comedy show even did a parody of UBER with a FAKE new service called PUBER (Where…..you rent….someone else’s….toilet…)  .


Watch the video here 


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  1. Funny, there is actually a website that really does that http://travlpeer.com/2014/03/11/sharing-bathrooms/ .

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