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  1. Today at about 4.30pm we wrere at Tesco Alma looking for packet drinks to purchase after going round asking your staff to get us 8 carton of packet drinks cos we could’nt find any ontop of the slef…unfrotunately he answered us sudah habis he did’nt even go check thw stock so we went round and find anothe brand that’s call REX so after purchasing 8 carton of the packet drinks written 3 carton you get afre plastic tupperware so we went pay at the counter later ask the Cashier were is the gift that we are entitle for…so she told us check at the gift counter..then we ask the customer service guy or damp he was really very rude to us after that he came back with the tag and ask me to read carefully..well I know written was while stock last he said you tau baca tak yup I answer him yes I boleh baca so he say no stock anymore being a customer service you are suppose to be more polite to customer and more over if the free gift has no more gift then Tesco should take away the tag why is it still on the the shelf…do you think I am in the wrong…well please train you staff to be more polite to consumers we are paying Tesco and bear in mind that your staff should be train for politeness…Kindly look into this matter and hopefully when i shop in Tesco again this would not happen..Thank you

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