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Ikea Hackers Part 2

Some of you probably recall of my earlier posting on Ikea hackers , a fan site that has all ikea fans around the world contributing their ideas on how the “hack” ikea furnitures how they see fit.

What i DIDNT know was, the site was owned by a Malaysian and a new interesting development came up


After 8 long years of operating, Ikea finally noticed this when the site owner started advertising the site to get more visitors.

Apparently Ikea is not happy with how the site is making money, so we will have to see how this pans out.

Full story here 

What do i personally think ? Should IKEA acquire them ? That should be a big yes (barring any legal complications of users getting injured after hacking their ikea furniture) or at least support them. Yes, so the site is making a little money but the ripple effect of it driving more ikea sales ( i know i bought hell of a lot more after getting new ideas from the site) is a win win scenario for both.

Lego dont kill all their fan sites that share new creative ideas to build lego just because they made some money off their site or youtube video content, so good folks at Ikea, dont kill off ikeahackers please.

Note : i do not know the owner of ikea hackers site. i am merely stating my opinion to what seems like a crazy attempt by Ikea to kill off a genuine site helping ikea owners to find ways to use their products creatively.


Update : More media coverage on this news, this time, from marketing magazine malaysia. Click here for full story



Ultraman defeated

By now, most of you would have probably read the shocking ( and confusing ) news….. An ultraman comic book was banned by the Malaysian Home Ministry or Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) . No ? then read the story from thestar here  or view  the video below

So what is all the hoopla all about anyways you ask ? well, here is a screenshot of the alleged offence from the comic book itself


Yes, it was because it contained the word “Allah”, which is subject to an ongoing court case in Malaysia at the moment. But when i first saw the picture above, the grammar did seemed to be a bit…robotic….

lo and behold…someone tested a direct translation from the actual japanese copy in google translator and here is the result


So…looks like the translation was done using Google translator.

Hmn…i wonder if this is how ultraman feels….


Intercontinental Hotel

Every once in a blue moon, i will check my junk email folder and see what type of email ends up in never never land. Surprise, surprise – one of it was from Intercontinental Hotel! Now, some of you may not know who or where this hotel is : remember NIKKO HOTEL ? Yes, the Nikko Hotel group sold off their business to Intercontinental.

So here is the email in question:

I do have 1 beef with this email : there is NO CALL TO ACTION ( CTA) seperately linked for users. Clicking on the email only leads you to the corporate website, where you will have to SEARCH for the VIP card ( an additional few clicks and time wasted) .

I was also trying to figure out why it ended up on my JUNK folder. It could be due to

1) The email recepient list is too long

2) Now i may be wrong on this one but it could also be due to the ! (circled in the picture below) in the header and footer in the email.Now any marketer should really always check for any typo or mistakes such as this before sending it out to public



Something fish-y

I was browsing Facebook today and i saw this post from sunway pyramid fan page

Great offer i thought to myself. so i went to look for MFM.MY on facebook ….but cannot find them…went to google manhattan website and i also cannot find any info. WTF ? this promotion is super secret to super elite customers only? why bother promoting if you dont even have it on your corporate website ?


Joke for the day

Whenever i feel down or bored and i need something to humour me, i always visit THIS website to cheer me up

Look at the latest story they published today

Yeah, do we really need a feng shui master to “predict” that the awfully popular, good looking and rich Nicholas Tse will have a partner in a few months time? DUH….. maybe i should consult the same master as to when i will pass motion today….maybe ….2pm?

Link to the story here

On another note, the online folks in the staronline malaysia REALLY should consider taking out the annoying pop up survey window- its been on going for months! am i pissed off ? yes. what do i do about it ? i blog and bitch to the world.

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 Malaysia Launch

Samsung is launching the galaxy 10.1 in malaysia – saw the ad on the star online

Since i was in the market for an android tablet— i clicked on it to find out more…

sleek looking site i must say

Aafter looking through the site , i decided to buy online. Clicked on the buy now button (see screenshot above) and it took me here

Yeah. exactly. WTF right ? there is nothing wrong with the page but it was more of a problem that digital marketers don’t think of or choose to ignore today. Folks like us that access the internet at office, have social media sites such as facebook, linkedin, and even online email services blocked. I really implore digital planners and creative designers to STOP linking your campaigns to FACEBOOK please. FB is not the mother of all digital campaigns.

So if you think about all the potential customers that samsung is pissing off now are folks with high disposable income and with intention to purchase NOW, how many do you think they are VS those that will access the site from home and elsewhere? hmn…..

on another note….Celcom is planning a big nationwide launch for the galaxy tab,

Read more here (from





i was kinda happy when i got this edm from TM Unifi. FREE access to all premium channels!

that was until i read the dates :

Yeah, TM unifi marketing team actually sent out the email on the LAST DAY of the campaign (30th March!) . very nice. verrrrrrry sneaky.

Where’s the Beef man?


It sure got messy alright.

I went to Carl’s Jr Yesterday at Pavillion Shopping centre around 4pm/Tue. Ordered a mid size Chilli burger combo and the cashier gave me an order tag (# 68) . Proceeded to wash my hands and then tap is out of order. what the hell, i didnt expect these things to FAIL at Carls Jr! Ok, nevermind, i can wash my hands elsewhere after the meal!

Sat down, waited for my meal for 10(ten minutes). Food didnt arrive. Looked around the restaurant and its empty. Frustrated and HUNGRY, i showed one of the staff my order tag and asked them to check why its taking so long. The staff went into the kitchen, came out and asked me WHAT DID I ORDERED AND PLEASE SHOW HIM THE RECEIPT.

At this point, i was already like…WHAAAAAT? Turns out that they LOST MY ORDER. Ok, this got real interesting. How can a CARLS JR outlet, that is EMPTY and located at a high end mall like Pavillion LOSE A CUSTOMER’S ORDER?

I enquired about this to the Restaurant Manager and i just told him that i wanted a refund but i will pay for the soft drink since i already consumed it. The Manager was really SHOCKED to hear that my order was lost and apologized, insisted that i wait for my order to be cooked.  I explained to the manager that i already lost my appetite and i just want my refund and leave. Finally, he gave in and gave me my money back. He also offered me to have the burger and fries FOR FREE but i decline as that wasnt my intention. Nobody wants a free meal at the expense of someone else.

So i left Carls Jr, with my money refunded to me and a growling, hungry stomach.

Seriously though, i love Carls Jr. i really hate it when my favourite restaurant service level is inconsistent across their outlets. I never have the same problem at sunway or 1u so why at pavillion? i can understand if things like this happen at elsewhere but when it comes to Carls Jr, you just expect something more not only in terms of food but also service levels.

Well, i have just sent a comment email to the carls jr operators, so lets see how they respond.


PS: Yes, Carls Jr DO have those feedback forms at their outlets but i was already too upset to sit down for another 5 min to fill in the damn form after the whole MISSING ORDER episode.

I just saw a very interesting story today (see pic below)

I believe a lot of people are ignorant about mobile spyware software : see below for my full story

Click here for the news link

In case you DIDNT know, there are TONS of mobile spyware software today in the market that tracks, records all your calls, sms  live ! Most of these software works on multiplatform and it is really hard to even detect on your phone once it is installed. one of the common one is called flexispy

now i dont condone the use of mobile spyware to record someone else’s conversation or calls because it is unethical. I  am not sure if MCMC have made it illegal yet in malaysia but they should!

So before you go public and sue a telco for 20million, please at least check your phone and see if it is tapped! One good case study – if your pc was infected with virus/spyware – do you sue your ISP ?? i dont think so right?

7 year itch

i just saw this interesting leaflet at a kedai runcit today :

whats with the red sticker?

each and everyone one of the leaflet has a STICKER (yes! sticker!) that sticks over the leaflet. must be expensive to produce this…..basically once you remove the sticker…you will get this…

hey there…a nice tease show….you basically get to see and count the cans to enter the contest. Very very nice idea but i am just wondering –

1) why spend the extra $$$ on peeling the sticker gimmick ? there is no extra value to the campaign nor catch to the consumer

2) the sticker is really really hard to peel off. and when you actually managed to peel it off, you get all the residue or end up tearing up the whole leaflet, which is ALSO a contest form….damn (see pic below)

oh well, the campaign ended already anyway…so too late….