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PSA : Beware of MYDEAL


I am not sure how to respond to this but you should at least kno : Flash sales site MYDEAL.COM.MY have been accused of FRAUD.

“We receive these complaints on a daily basis. Their business is unethical as they have a duty to deliver products as promised to customers,” said Santhosh Kannan, Legal Executive at the National Consumer Complaints Center. “We have heard so many different kinds of complaints about their service, including delivering wrong products, not delivering products at all and not providing refunds for undelivered goods.”

LINK to Rakyat Post story


LINK to HWM story




Happy New Year reads

If you are planning to stay home tonight for New Year, do have fun reading some of memorable 2013 marketing campaign snafus

LINK HERE  (link to Marketing Interactive article)


Joke of the day: LBGT

I came across this story today ..

Full story link here

Now, when will people get it? Being a Gay or Lesbian isn’t a choice that anyone ( adult or teens) can make, as compared to say smoking. You don’t just choose one day to change your sexual orientation and then just become straight again. Either you are one or not.

Smoking ? well, that IS a choice. you can either quit or continue killing yourself.

Get my point?


So whats my point?

  1. Stop trying to be moral police – you have no right to judge or prevent people from their sexual orientation
  2. LBGT is NOT a “phenomenon” like what they would like to think – unless someone can prove me wrong on this ?
  3. Education ministers – better spend your time improving our education standards in Msia!



I got ripped off @

yeah you read me right. i never thought it would happen myself but i got ripped off, BIG TIME when i ordered at

It all started with this – 

I couldnt find this buzz lightyear anywhere in malaysia , so i decided to search for it on amazon and voila! i found it 

Then i double checked the product description : yup…it all checks out. 


So i ordered two units, paid an extra USD 90 to have it shipped (because amazon dont ship to Malaysia) and when i received the unit today…i was totally puzzled…

1) The packaging is different 

This is the packaging shown on amazon :

And this was the actual product i got 

I told myself, maybe the packaging is different ? i opened it up and then i realised that the certificate is also missing . Then it all went downhill from here….the toy didnt perform anything at all that the product description stated on amazon. ( no talking mode, no talkback mode and also no level sensor). 


Worst thing of , i paid USD$ 44 for this item and guess what was listed on the box  ? it was only USD$24.50 STREET PRICE in USA!!! WTF!!


I am now in the midst of sorting this out with amazon. one thing is for sure, i wont be shipping this item back to USA as it will cost me a bomb! Granted, this item was sold by amazon’s reseller thenewmall (after my complain, they change their name to STL PRO INC.

Accident again ! (Updated)

It was just a few months back when I.posted on accident near ampang park construction site .   Today , it happened again. Luckily this didnt happen during peak period because it is always very very jammed up with cars and pedestrian.

UPDATE : The damaged cars was only removed around 6pm






the crane in question


AS OF 6PM today, the road leading to PNB darby park was still closed.

KFC Hustle

Whats wrong this week man….first it was a FB blunder by JKMM on Thaipusam…now its a “KUNG FU HUSTLE” style brawl between KFC  staff and customers !?


These incidents are really unfortunate and i hope we malaysians, especially those that are in the service industry needs to learn the mantra of ” Customer is always right”



Over the years, i have learnt that managing and maintaining customer service level are two very different matters.

While some of us try hard to maintain high quality customer service level score through consumer focus group, consumer brand affinity and loyalty rating (via social media, blogs), – the hard part is actually “managing” your employee output/service to YOUR customers.

One such example was when GSC customers experienced a 10min movie problem – normally in these circumstances, the cinema in question will refund the moviegoers with either another ticket or $$ back AND sincere apologies from the management. The customers at GSC Gurney (Penang) experienced the blackout and was offered the refund AND something extra…. read the story below or the link HERE to GSC Facebook Fanpage


Accident at Ampang Park near LRT

Do you take LRT ? yes ? do you stop at ampang park ? YES again ? then you really should look at this!!

i think its the frame that holds the glass panel, it fell and pretty much destroyed the bikes parked there and also the retaining wall.

imagin if the item fell at the pedestrian walkway

see how close is the LRT station near the inciden

Now i have been informed that this is NOT the first incident and there were actually also one incident as such last year. If you take LRT at Ampang Park, do be careful . I hope this post will help spread awareness and perhaps the authorities to look into this.



Decided to go to the spot and see the cleanup. here it is

Taken on 25th Aug 2011

Japan Tsunami 2011

The Japan EarthQuake and Tsunami brought devastation to untold numbers of lives in Japan. It also triggered some of the most boneheaded (is bone head one or two words?) decision in media publishing,advertising AND POLITICS.

First off, malaysian publishing group Berita Harian published a tasteless cartoon below : Yes it was really awful and yes, they did issued an apology after that but it wasnt enought to satisfy majority of malaysians (myself included) : FULL STORY ON CNN HERE

Then, came this funny email from mediacorp in singapore :

The e-mail, from Corinne Chong vice-president of marketing communications at MediaCorp, reads as follows, “A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake shook Japan in the early afternoon today, unleashing a powerful tsunami that wrecked havoc along the streets of coastal towns. Book your spots in the Weekday Evening News Bundle as the channel brings viewers comprehensive coverage reports on the disaster with extended versions of news bulletins tonight. Call our sales representatives now.

Full story on CNN HERE

Wow! capitalizing on human tragedy! why didnt the americans think of that during 9/11 ??

Lastly, back to malaysia – the current PM’s wife statement on why is Japan facing the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami. I wont comment anymore so check out the full story here (with video embedded!)