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awesome toys!


Live blogging from Sony Premium audio

Got invited to my favorite high end audio line up from Sony at best western hotel




More to come. Quite excited to see sony launching the new A series Walkman player in malaysia!

Pic spam!





New digi ad..or is it?


20 highest paid execs/ceo in malaysia 2013


Western Digital


I am a hoarder. yup. i hoard tons and tons of pictures, movies and ripped musics over several external hard drives, big and small. I usually buy 3.5″ hard disk as they have the best for buck and i always end up with western digital as they have an excellent RMA service if i ever need to use them.

However, this year alone, two of my western digital green power 2TB hard disk failed. Now, this is frustrating because the mean time between failure (MTBF) is around 2 years. 2 YEARS!!

imagine losing all your precious baby and family pics.

Then i realised, all in all, i had experience 4 western digital hard disk failures ( 3 x 3.5″ hard disks and 1 x 2.5 external hard disk) . This got me thinking, am i at fault ?

But, i also have other brands hard disk at home : Samsung, Hitachi, Buffalo and they are all more than 3 years all running without any problems. never once do i have to do RMA !

my next course of action ? i gotta start backing up my precious data on another brand hard disk to be safe. my trust in western digital hard disk brand is not where it was .

Mcdonald’s Malaysia Boycott


Anti Israel sentiments are running high among certain quarters in malaysia and that has resulted in calls for boycott of Israel linked companies. One such company that is now being accussed of supporting Israel in malaysia is non other than Mcdonald’s.

As reported by few medias , Mcdonald’s Malaysia apparently took out a full page ad on SINAR HARIAN to reiterate their stand that they do not support fund Israel in anyway.

My only question is, why did Mcdonald’s only placed the ad in Sinar Harian but not other malay dailies? The ad in question was also not put up on their facebook page.

Full story here :

Tiananmen Square Recap (Back to the future)

This is probably the best use of twitter that i can recall – retelling of the historic Tiananmen Square, “live” reporting as it happens. Perhaps this is how we should teach history , using twitter ? 

Taxi in klia 2?

KLIA 2 TAXI the how and what.

Vodka + Burg giveaway event



Stay tuned for more live update

Faust’s Vision, 1880