Tiananmen Square Recap (Back to the future)

This is probably the best use of twitter that i can recall – retelling of the historic Tiananmen Square, “live” reporting as it happens. Perhaps this is how we should teach history , using twitter ? 


Taxi in klia 2?

KLIA 2 TAXI the how and what.

Slide Rider


Full Story Here

When i saw that..all i can think of was…


PSA : Beware of MYDEAL


I am not sure how to respond to this but you should at least kno : Flash sales site MYDEAL.COM.MY have been accused of FRAUD.

“We receive these complaints on a daily basis. Their business is unethical as they have a duty to deliver products as promised to customers,” said Santhosh Kannan, Legal Executive at the National Consumer Complaints Center. “We have heard so many different kinds of complaints about their service, including delivering wrong products, not delivering products at all and not providing refunds for undelivered goods.”

LINK to Rakyat Post story


LINK to HWM story



Spotify Malaysia


I love spotify. i really love it that i can listen and discover so many different genres (john coltrane, belphegor, etc…etc…)

This new Spotify price comparison by Lowyat.net was really an eye opener and this really should spur more malaysians to sign up and start listening ( and support) music and artists that the love legally.



snippet : “Notably, Malaysia, Argentina, and the Phillippines have the greatest value to cost ratio. Malaysians only pay US$4.59 after conversion for monthly access to the premium service (about half what Americans are paying) “

CLICK HERE to view the full article

If you are a MAXIS subscriber, the current RM10 promo for Spotify Premium (instead of RM14.95)  + FREE 150MB data is an amazing deal



Probably one of the smartest partnership maxis has tied up with, making it a little reluctant for me to jump to another telco as i want to continue enjoying this great deal.



Enrich World of Riches (May – July 2014)

Just a matter of time or day before Malaysia Airlines updates/released the new issue of World of Riches (May – July Issue) . They have updated the image but the download link is still linking to the Feb- April issue.


Just got to wait for them to upload the file on to their site 

Good Guy Huawei Device Malaysia

Joining a facebook contest is easy. you just submit your details, submit your answers/jump through hoops/play games in order for a chance to win a prize.

Running a facebook contest however, is not that easy. From campaign planning, budget setting,  clearing legal terms and conditions, coordinating logistics,communicating with winners, etc..etc…  A lot of work goes into setting up a good facebook campaign that you most brands will hope to garner more engagement, conversation,  positive brand/product reinforcement , etc..etc..  . Extending campaigns outside of facebook platform increases the complexity as the recent Huawei Devices Malaysia discovered.

The original campaign was guess the price of the soon to be launched Huawei Honor 3C smartphone.

Once the contest ended, Huawei Devices Malaysia received more than 100 correct entries and so decided that the best way was ..


So….everyone that guessed correctly ( the price of Honor 3C is RM499) received a redemption code and they were supposed to redeem it at the vmall.com.my online store on 3rd May 3.08pm  . The 1st 100 successfull transaction will receive the code.

The redemption day came and went, and then it turns out vmall system couldnt handle the logic ( redemption code = valid only for 1st 100) and instead, 174 winners all got their orders processed successfully. Guess what Huawei Devices Malaysia did next ?


Yup. They honored (pun intended) each and every one of the additional 74 winners…..



Kudos to Huawei Device Malaysia team for doing the right thing. I believe this is a great step towards building a positive brand image in malaysia and with your consumers.

Link to Huawei Device Malaysia Facebook Page here

Link to Huawei Honor 3C product page here 



Absolut and Burg pt 2 (Updated)

I was one of the lucky winners of the recently concluded Vodka + Burg giveaway


contest and it was an awesome prize giving ceremony indeed at MAD.IS.ON  Bangsar Village II . Each winner received a Burg Smart watch  and a bottle of limited edition of Absolut Vodka! I would like to thank the great and warm company of the sponsors ( Miss Cindy Tan of Pernod Ricard Malaysia and Miss Florence Cho of MAD.IS.ON Malaysia) .








Vodka + Burg giveaway event



Stay tuned for more live update

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