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Pasar Ramadan Kelana Jaya

Some of you may recall my post last year on the Setapak Pasar Ramadan (PARAM for short)  so this year i decided to check out the one in kelana jaya instead. It is not as big as Putrajaya or Shah Alam but it is well known for some well known stalls that have been operating there every year.


For some reason, i find kelana jaya Param to be very…. smoky…lots of bbq, satay, lamb, and ikan bakar stalls here!

Guess why this is makcik laughing ? hehehe….



One of the best hidden secret of Kelana Jaya Param is this makcik’s stall. Her Sambal Petai Pau is so famous that THE STAR reporter was there yesterday also to cover the story! So , next time…pandai pandai go kelana jaya look for this stall!


Oh…guess which celebrity i bumped into at kelana jaya param!  nampak tak ?



Yeah…one of her fans asked me to help snap a pic…so i did lah…… azura zainal needs no introduction kan…kan ?

And in case you were wondering what azura was looking at in the 1st picture….here it is..


Yeah, i was just as surprised as well. There was actually one stall closed with a tutup sign. i guess everyone needs a break once in a while and pamper their friends and family to a great feast. anyone knows what this great offer from CIMB is about ? makan 4 orang bayar untuk 3 sounds like a great deal, especially at doubletree !





Are you safe in KL ?

With the recent nayati kidnapping happening at Mont Kiara, you will think that it is not safe anywhere at all. This is somewhat true as i this piece of news came to my attention

Yes, a kidnapping/rape attempt at the Curve – CLICK HERE to read the story on FB 

Why this is story important ?

1) Serves as a reminder – if you are a single lady at the mall, always get the security guard to escort you to your car.

2) This story is still not covered in the media – makes you think WHY

3) This story was retweeted by the victim’s BF.


Later today, i was then again referred to this robbery in broad daylight at KELANA JAYA


so my friends, please do be extra careful when you are out and about – it looks like the criminals are very very bold nowadays.