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Spotify Malaysia


I love spotify. i really love it that i can listen and discover so many different genres (john coltrane, belphegor, etc…etc…)

This new Spotify price comparison by was really an eye opener and this really should spur more malaysians to sign up and start listening ( and support) music and artists that the love legally.



snippet : “Notably, Malaysia, Argentina, and the Phillippines have the greatest value to cost ratio. Malaysians only pay US$4.59 after conversion for monthly access to the premium service (about half what Americans are paying) “

CLICK HERE to view the full article

If you are a MAXIS subscriber, the current RM10 promo for Spotify Premium (instead of RM14.95)  + FREE 150MB data is an amazing deal



Probably one of the smartest partnership maxis has tied up with, making it a little reluctant for me to jump to another telco as i want to continue enjoying this great deal.




How safe is your internet connection ?

Online Banking. Chat with friends. Personal pictures.

We put a big chunk of our social and private life online and on our pc, ipads and mobile phones and it is all connected through our internet connection. Have you ever thought about how safe is your internet connection ?

“Well, i have antivirus on my PC/Laptop! and It’s Free man! ”

yeah well….antivirus isnt enough anymore nowadays….you need an INTERNET SECURITY software that not only helps prevents your PC from being infected from virus but also people from hacking into your devices. Me ? i use Maxis Internet Security (powered by F-Secure) and it’s been pretty good so far. It had prevented multiple intrusion attacks and also virus from those emails attachments that i get sometimes.




Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pictures!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Almost everyone i know had one and those that didnt, quickly sold off their iphones and blackberries to it!

I also know that a lot of you are still holding on to your old phone, waiting for the super great NOTE 3 – well, behold…here are some leaked pics of the new samsung galaxy note 3!



Yeah…maybe not but here is the expected specs of the samsung galaxy note 3

1) 5.99 inch screen (duh…why not just called it 6″)

2) eye tracking and hand gestures control ( such as that in the samsung galaxy s4)

3) 3gb system ram

4) octo core CPU

5) and most importantly….a FULL HD SCREEN…..

6) also a higher pixel camera (12mp or 13mp). to be frank, samsung galaxy note 2 camera is pretty decent and fast…i wonder how the samsung galaxy note 3 is gonna trump it

What do you think ? if you are a samsung galaxy note 2 user, are you planning to upgrade? which telco will you buy it from ?


Best CNY ads ?

Us Malaysians always gets emotional CNY/Raya/Deepavali ads that tugs at the heart but this time around…Maxis came up with a series of CNY TVC (on youtube la..) that is quite…. different.

I am sure Maxis’ #yehyehstories will be trending high very soon…

Kudos to Maxis for taking a different approach to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.

I like yellow. not green.

Looks like Digi is going to trump maxis after all by releasing the iphone 4g earlier…..

I just saw a very interesting story today (see pic below)

I believe a lot of people are ignorant about mobile spyware software : see below for my full story

Click here for the news link

In case you DIDNT know, there are TONS of mobile spyware software today in the market that tracks, records all your calls, sms  live ! Most of these software works on multiplatform and it is really hard to even detect on your phone once it is installed. one of the common one is called flexispy

now i dont condone the use of mobile spyware to record someone else’s conversation or calls because it is unethical. I  am not sure if MCMC have made it illegal yet in malaysia but they should!

So before you go public and sue a telco for 20million, please at least check your phone and see if it is tapped! One good case study – if your pc was infected with virus/spyware – do you sue your ISP ?? i dont think so right?

Maxis to launch iphone 4g first?

Maxis just up the iphone 4g ante by mass mailing all the registered iphone 4g pre orders customers like myself. ( i am also signed onto digi iphone pre order list but nothing yet from digi)

i am guessing maxis will launch this next week, considering that singapore already launched it few weeks back

Ma xiswhat?

I was browsing through maxis’ website recently and i came through this interesting page ..

Hmnn…interesting….. noticed how the blackberry phone is wrapped in bubble wrap? how precious are our phones today…. it got me interested and then i wanted to see if my blackberry is supported under this new maxis mobile security… and guess what…

blackberry ...where ? its not on the list!

What the hell ? blackberry is not on the list?! then why do they use a blackberry phone on the banner?! dont the creative person designing this have half a brain to notice that?

What a rookie mistake …. obviously a lot of people dont know – BlackBerry phones is a CLOSED and PROPRIETARY operating system. Blackberry phones dont need antivirus and it also has its own security system where a user can just send a command to its phone to wipe and lock all the data on the phone.

ok la maxis….i give you free publicity : CLICK HERE

Malaysian broadband service is utter rubbish. discuss.

Feeding off my earlier post on broadband advertising by P1 and TM (streamyx), its now time to focus on Maxis . If i recalled correctly, maxis stop above the line campaigns for its wireless broadband campaign for sometime but it had to respond to the sudden surge of interest and popularity of P1 advertising campaign. Also, not forgetting that maxis is set to relist their stock, so….. you know the drill, make noise in the media, make your brand visible to everyone so they buy your stock!

This is Maxis’ current advertising campaign – something for everyone

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 06 15.06ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 06 15.08

I am curious, why do i need Maxis to tell me the profile of internet users? hmmm……whats the customer value proposition? Whats the difference between maxis broadband and others? whats the edge?  Does identifying with any of these profile will drive me to subscribe to the service? strange indeed… very ho hum, marketing 101 idea. im wondering who is the poor chap that signed off this campaign in maxis…..

Maxis also did a small above the line campaign, pushing their MUSIC EDITION broadband dongles.


I was scratching my balls when i saw this campaign. How does a broadband modem dongle dressed up with stickers is gonna get me to subscribe? stand a chance to meet local artistes? pffffft….who gives two shits about the local artists? seriously?(Picture credit from prasys blog)

Now lets compare maxis advertising campaign, creative and messaging to the customers -with a HK ISP called 1010

ScreenHunter_04 Nov. 06 15.48ScreenHunter_05 Nov. 06 15.48ScreenHunter_06 Nov. 06 15.48

See the difference? clear visual and messaging on speed (speeding ticket) + roaming (passport). The last image is not a full image of their campaign but its shows how a boxer is down on his knees (representing 1010’s competitiors) not being able to catch up with 1010’s new wireless broadband speed.


So lets take a step back and see the ISP market at a glance :

1) P1 – 80,000 subs (as of Sept 2009)

2) Maxis – 145,000 subs (As of Oct 2008).

3) Celcom – 270,000 (As of Mar 2009)

4) Streamyx -1.12Million ( As of May 26th, 2008)


If we re-examine maxis’ strategic marketing campaign since they launched the service, ( almost 3 years now), my guess is that maxis probably has 160k subs (taking into account high churn rate /people leaving the service).  so in 3 years and millions of advertising money spent, maxis only has 160k++ subs. P1 is now 1 year old and it already has 80K plus subs. Whats wrong with the picture here ?



Advertising war! in malaysia!

Yeah, i have to say the P1 advertising campaigns are fresh. filled with sexual innuendos? hell yeah!The recently concluded CUT the wires campaign was aimed at wired broadband customers from streamyx. Of course, in malaysia, the lingo of “POTONG” or CUT refers to circumcision, which is mandatory to all muslim boys.


P1 salvo aimed squarely at TM Streamyx broadband (wired) customers...

Well, the campaign was really everywhere. TV, Billboard, magazines,blogs,fb, everything that P1 can stake their logo at! Roughly 3-4 weeks after the campaign, TM finally responded with a tongue in cheek ad, aimed at mocking not only P1 wimax service but also their CEO!

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 05 15.13

reaaaaaaaaaal cheeky TM....

Dont see the resemblance? well…i also so happen to have P1’s michael lai handsome picture here…s1483549953_848

oh yeah…not forgetting the recent controversy regarding their tv spot…if you havent seen it….here it is


So WTF is this post about you ask? well, firstly, for the longest time as i can remember, this is the first advertising campaign battle between ISP, poking directly at each other not only professionaly but also personaly.Secondly, in the midst of these two ISP battle to win consumers hard earned $$, where is CELCOM and MAXIS?

Part 2 : we examine the broadband and go to market strategies of Maxis,P1, Streamyx and Celcom. stay tuned.