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Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony

my my my…it will be quite an eventful next 2 months as all the major phone/technology companies are prepping press releases one after another! Here is a quick summary


Sept 4 2013 – Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode 2 

biger screen samsung galaxy note 3 ?

biger screen samsung galaxy note 3 ?

Sept 4 2013 – Sony Mobile (Honami launch) 

Rumoured to be with 20MP camera

Rumoured to be with 20MP camera

Sept 10 2013 – Apple ( new iphone 5 and ipad? ) 


SEPT/ OCT 2013 HTC – Launch of ONE MAX




Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case ?

Yeah…i know this post/review is a little late but you know what? i only managed to find the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case just months ago, despite having the phone since its launch. And this review is very relevant to those of you Apple iphone/ipad mini, HTC and Samsung users too as UAG also makes cases for other models

Now let me present to you…the URBAN ARMOR GEAR case! (UAG for short)


Basic packaging ( the casing is tough enough i supposed!)



This is what you get from the case :

1 case. 1 screen protector, 1 cleaning cloth and 2 interchangeable covers

Now, i personally have bought and used at least 3 seperate cases for my samsung galaxy note 2 and all of them had poor workmanship, stain easily and frankly, just too damn bulky. So how does the samsung galaxy note looks with the Urban Armor Gear case ?




After switching to UAG for my samsung galaxy note 2, i felt that it had pretty much addressed all the needs that i was looking for, namely

1) TOUGH – UAG cases are not only tough but it also does a pretty  bang up job in keeping your phone safe from harm. I have to say, the sheer size of the samsung galaxy note 2  is not the easy to handle at times and i have dropped my phone from my hands on the road at least 4 times. Look at my case ….only a few scratches! What did UAG use to make the case? recycled golems?!

Even after so many smartphone killing drops on the road...the case only registered a few minor scratches...This is one tough case

Even after so many smartphone killing drops on the road…the case only registered a few minor scratches…This is one tough case

2) Proper cut out holes : the cut out holes for the speakers and flash worked flawlessly. You may not realised this but some other cases, the cut out holes tends to blur the flash from phone, destroying your camera shots or muffled out the sounds from the speaker. UAG have no issues with any of these two

3) Button accessibility – most of my friends commented that with my UAG case on, it is actually EASIER to use the power/volume buttons on the side of the samsung galaxy note 2 ! for those of you using your samsung galaxy note 2 naked will know what i mean, the curve on the side and location of those buttons are a bitch to use sometimes right?


My wishlist for the next UAG samsung galaxy note 3 case ?

1) some of us like to use our samsung galaxy note phones to watch movies and sometimes we just want to prop it up against an object or a wall. The smooth back of the UAG cases make it difficult to lean 45 degrees.

All Sold ? Ready to Buy ? well…unfortunately UAG is NOT SOLD IN MALAYSIA yet,…. i actually had to get mine from amazon (click here to the product page)  and for this price…it well worth it for the protection you are getting for your phone

UAG at Amazon

UAG at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be launched on 4th Sept 2014?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be launched on 4th Sept 2014?

Just a few more weeks till the Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event scheduled by Samsung Mobile . Widely speculated as the upcoming launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note III that everyone is waiting for!

I suspect a lot of you will be waiting to see how Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will trump over the existing Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Will it even be bigger than the Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4 incher ? Currently the Sony Xperia Ultra Z is the fastest android phone, according to benchmark data



But then again, what will be the users in this segment ( i call this segment ” i-want-the-best-biggest-fastest-super-phone-in-the-market” segment) look at purely GPU and CPU speed or a bigger screen or more functionality beyond the S PEN such as that found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 & 2 series? i have gotten so used to the S PEN myself but strangely, i yearn for a bigger screen. Just a few more weeks…so hang on i suppose!


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pictures!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Almost everyone i know had one and those that didnt, quickly sold off their iphones and blackberries to it!

I also know that a lot of you are still holding on to your old phone, waiting for the super great NOTE 3 – well, behold…here are some leaked pics of the new samsung galaxy note 3!



Yeah…maybe not but here is the expected specs of the samsung galaxy note 3

1) 5.99 inch screen (duh…why not just called it 6″)

2) eye tracking and hand gestures control ( such as that in the samsung galaxy s4)

3) 3gb system ram

4) octo core CPU

5) and most importantly….a FULL HD SCREEN…..

6) also a higher pixel camera (12mp or 13mp). to be frank, samsung galaxy note 2 camera is pretty decent and fast…i wonder how the samsung galaxy note 3 is gonna trump it

What do you think ? if you are a samsung galaxy note 2 user, are you planning to upgrade? which telco will you buy it from ?